BS-20 Disc Filter

  • This is the last sifter in the filtration process
  • Working and characteristics of Disc filter are same as that of Screen filter, only difference being that strainer element is a stack of discs.
  • Disc element has aperture of 75microns which ensures a superfine quality water when passed through the filte


Model Inlet size Capacity Flow range Functional pressure
BDS-25 2.0″(50 mm) 25″m3/hr 21-29 M3 2kg/cm2
BDS-30 2.5″ (65 mm) 30″m3/hr 26-34 M3 2kg/cm2
BDS-45 3.0″ (80 mm) 40″m3/hr 36-44 M3 2kg/cm2