‘Bhaba’ Hydro Cyclone filters are used as primary filters. They are normally used when water contains heavy suspended particles like sand. Water comes inside the Hydro Cyclone and a vortex is formed by which the heavy particles are collected in the sedimentation tank. Hydro Cyclone filters are manufactured in MS sheet of 3 or 4 mm thickness and are provide with pure polyester coat of more than 80 microns from both inside and outside.  Due to its robust and flexible structure Hydro cyclone filters can be assembled easily. Cleaning of sedimentation tank is very easy when done at regular intervals.


  • Strong and durable structure as per BIS approved and certified IS:14743:1999 CM/L 3927475
  • Pure polyester coating of more than 80 microns.
  • It allows to separate sand type particle from water.
  • It can easily separate suspended solid particles from water.
  • It is simple and easy to clean the filters.
  • It is available in different colours and with different capacities.
  • All Hydro cyclone filters are hydrostatically tested to be leak proof at pressure of 6 kg/cm.sq
  • Maximum Pressure drop 0.75bar


  • Characteristics
Model Inlet Size Flow range (m3/hr) Capacity   Operating Pressure
BHC -2″ 20″ m3 /hr 16-24 20″m3/hr 2kg/cm2
BHC -2.5″ 30″m3/hr 24-36 30″m3/hr 2kg/cm2
BHC –3″ 40″m3/hr 32-48 40″m3/hr 2kg/cm2