Media Filters (Vertical & Horizontal)

‘Bhaba’ Media Filters are primarily used to separate river silt and other biological impurities from the water. It has a robust fabrication with quality and precision. We use Quartz Silica sand as medium of filtration. A bed of sand up to height approximately 400mm is formed inside the shell and water is allowed to flow through it. Then the water is collected in the lower part of the filter which is fed to the system. It is manufactured in 3mm MS Sheet and provided with pure polyester coating of thickness more than 80 microns on both inside and outside.In such sand filters threading and flanged connections are available from 1.5” to 3” as per demand, in the range 10 to 50 m3/hr. They are available with backwash assembly.


  • Strong and robust construction manufactured as IS 14606:1998, CM/ L No “3988192”.
  • All sand filters are hydrostatically tested to be leak proof at internal pressure of 6 kg/cm.sq
  • This filter can handle high volume of flow.
  • It is also available in horizontal assembly with same flow ranges.
  • It is simple in operation and easy to backwash.
  • For backwash either butterfly valves or plastic ball valves are used.
  • Media Filter can handle variations in flow.
  • It is available in different colours.
  • Maximum Pressure drop 0.5bar


Model  Inlet Size Capacity Flow range Operating pressure
BS-10 1.5’’(35mm) 10m3/hr 5-15 m3/hr 2kg/cm2
BS-20 2.0″(50 mm) 20m3/hr 16-24 m3/hr 2kg/cm2
BS-30 2.5″ (65 mm) 30m3/hr 24-36 m3/hr 2kg/cm2
BS-40 3.0″ (80 mm) 40m3/hr 32-48 m3/hr 2kg/cm2
BS-50 3.0″ (80 mm) 50m3/hr 40-60 m3/hr 2Kg/cm2


Media Filter Batteries and Header Assemblies

Header Assemblies are used to connect the filter in the main line. Hey are standard in size. Media Filter Batteries are the connections used to connect multiple filters in the main line parallel to each other. These are used when output of pump exceeds 70m3/hr or outlet size is more than 3’’. These are fabricated in 3mm thick MS tube.