We at Bhaba Engineering supply preciously crafted and designed paper handling systems to Manugraph India Ltd, who are perhaps the largest printing machine manufacturers in India. We also take pride in putting a fact here that we are the suppliers to them of this product since its inception. These trolleys are useful in lifting a web from the ground and feeding them to the machine. These trolleys have capacity to lift 600 kg to 1000 kg.They come in two different versions; Mechanical and Hydraulic web trolley


Mechanical web Trolleywebtrolley

Mechanical web trolley is placed on rails and moves in bidirectional way. It has a gear box of two equal bevel gears at right angles whose shaft is driven by a chain drive. The other end of the chain drive is connected to a hand-wheel. The bush moves on the spindle which is preciously ground and machined. This web trolley has robust construction. Maintenance and lubrication of this trolley is easy.

 Hydraulic web Trolley

Hydraulic trolley frame is supported by 4 swivel robust castor wheels and can move in any direction. It is powered by a double acting reciprocating pump which is powered by two hard chrome plated cylinders. With help of these cylinders the Trolley arms lift the web from ground & delivers it on the printing machine. Then the hydraulic pressure is released & the trolley is taken away from the machine. The trolley is equipped with hydraulic oil piping, high pressure rubber hoses & necessary stoppers.